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Resuscitation Training Courses

We follow the latest Resuscitation Council (UK) and ALSG recommendations and algorithms. CPR Resuscitation Training is provided by ALS or ILS instructors as appropriate. We understand that people have different learning styles so our sessions will always be fun and engaging. Practical skills are best delivered in small groups to promote a positive learning experience,

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We can all suffer from a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) at any time without warning and that includes you and me. Next time you have a bit of spare cash in the bank and think whether to buy that plasma TV for the reception of the new leather chair for the boss, stop! We hope

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ALS/APLS pre Course Preparation

We recognise that attending one of the advanced resuscitation courses can be very stressful and although you will be well supported by all the faculty during this intensive course. Adequate and appropriate pre course preparation is a must particularly if you don’t have access to your own in house resuscitation officer. We can help with

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