Emergency First Aid at work 1 Day    first-aid-logo

The emergency first aid at work course is developed to meet the needs of the work place first aider and in delivered to meet the needs of the first aid regulations –HSE regulation 1981.

General Information

This course is suitable for people over 16yrs of age who work in low hazard environments, such as an office or shop or where Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance indicate staff should hols a certificate in emergency first aid

If you risk assessment identifies a requirement for additional training or you have high risk such as construction or manufacturing we would recommend the three day course
This course gives the learners the skills and confidence to respond to a range of accidents and emergencies that could occur in the work place. In addition this course covers the use of an Automated Defibrillator AED

Learning Outcomes

The content of the course will cover how to assess and treat with the following:

The role of the first aider Fainting
Managing an emergency Health and safety (first aid) regulations
Communication and casualty care Resuscitation (adult CPR)inc AED
Bleeding (minor and severe) Seizures (adult)
Burns Shock
Choking Unresponsive casualty

Course structure and programme

All candidates will receive a training pack including a host of resources to help them assimilate the knowledge and skills. This includes a course manual, personal resuscitation mask and medical emergencies flow charts to use as an aide memoir after the course.

Course Length

This course is at least 6 contact hours 1 dayand candidates must attend all part of the course to be eligible for assessment..

The course is run in accordance with the HSE regulations 1981

This course of practical hands-on experience using simulated scenarios and role-play that delivers the skills and confidence to manage a situation in real life.

Course Assessment

Assessment is continuous and also includes a MCQ paper.

On completion of the course candidates will receive an emergency first aid at work certificate that is valid for 3 years. However for best practice and in line with HSE recommendations we recommend an annual first aid skills update