What does the course offer?

Is your practice ready to deal with an emergency?
Have your team ever worked together in a mock emergency to test out not only their practical skills, but also how they work as a team, if the practice protocols and systems work in an emergency? Why not let us run a mock emergency situation (of your choice) and use it as a team building exercise too.

Reasons to run mock emergencies:

  • Allows your team to work together
  • Identifies areas of good practice and where improvements can be made
  • Enables you to assess how your practice protocols work
  • Demonstrates if staff understand where emergency equipment is kept and how it is used
  • Assesses ongoing level of knowledge and skills amongst staff
  • Gives staff the opportunity for a debrief after the scenario (led by our trainer) to review any areas for improvement
  • Develop an action plan to address any deficiencies
  • Is your practice ready to deal with an emergency