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PILS Manchester

£150.00 ex. VAT

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the structured ABCDE approach that facilitates rapid recognition of seriously ill children
  • Provide appropriate initial treatment interventions to prevent cardio-respiratory arrest
  • Treat children in respiratory or cardio-respiratory arrest until the arrival of a resuscitation team or more experienced assistance
  • Become members of a paediatric resuscitation team

Course Length:
At least 1 day

Course Assessment:
Assessment is continuous

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PILS provides healthcare professionals with a wide range of skills, from managing a deteriorating patient and identifying the causes of deterioration to treating cardiac arrest in children. Furthermore, PILS also helps healthcare professionals develop team leadership abilities and effective team member skills in a cardiac arrest emergency.

A PILS qualification is recognised across the UK and Europe, allowing healthcare professionals to save young lives in many parts of the world. The course content is designed in accordance with the current UK Resuscitation guidelines, and substantive manuals are provided pre-course to enable candidates to develop core knowledge.