Resuscitation Council Approved ILS Course&Pils Course

Not all ILS courses are the same. This course is RCUK approved and can be targeted to the needs or the candidate. We are well aware that an ILS course taught in a busy General Hospital may not be what is required by the health professional within Dental or mental health services for example. Learning outcomes will be achieved but we can target this course to your individual needs and therefore leave staff feeling empowered and confident. Read our testimonials resus-council

General Information

We are working in collaboration with our registered center to bring this approved course to our clients.

This course can be held at our training suite in Manchester or at your place or work

The ILS course trains individuals in the skills of initial assessment of the sick patient and provides knowledge and education in the causes and prevention of cardiopulmonary arrest.
The course provides training in basic life support skills including defibrillation and basic airway adjuncts, which can be used to help save lives prior to the arrival of the ambulance/cardiac arrest team. Delegates will also be given training in participating as a member of a cardiac arrest team.
Course content is in accordance with the current UK Resuscitation guidelines.

Course Length

This course is at least 6 contact hours

Course Assessment

Assessment is continuous


Delegates who successfully complete the course will be given a Resuscitation Council UK ILS certificate valid for 1 year, as well as 5CME points.
Refresher Courses
Half day ILS refresher courses are also available for those individuals who can provide evidence that they have attended a full ILS course or refresher with in the past year.

Course Structure and Programme

The course will cover the following:

The ILS course makes use of the following practical and lectures and scenarios throughout the course;


  • The causes and prevention of cardiac arrest
  • The ALS algorithm

Practical Stations

  • The ABCDE approach
  • Initial resuscitation and defibrillation
  • Airway management and adjuncts
  • Targeted training

Cardiac Arrest Simulation Teachand Test

Optional Content (dependent on client needs)

  • Drugs & delivery inc IM injection Technique
  • Cardiac arrest in special circumstances
  • Management of the patient with tracheostomy or laryngectomy
  • Do not attempt resuscitation orders
  • Audit & Equipment

Course manuals are provided pre course to enable candidates to develop core knowledge. The course is very practical in nature and the learning environment is both supportive and fun. This delivers the skills and confidence to manage a situation in real life.

All candidates will receive a post course packwith a host of resources to help them assimilate the knowledge and skills. This includes course slide set, personal resuscitation mask and medical emergencies flow charts to use as an aide memoir after the course.