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Anaphylaxis Management & Life Support

As an important aspect of healthcare, anaphylaxis management and life support are critical skills for anyone involved in patient care. Whether you are a healthcare professional, caregiver, or simply looking to improve your knowledge of anaphylaxis and life support, this programme is suitable for you.

Anaphylaxis Management & Life Support

The UK incidence of anaphylactic reactions is rising. Despite sound guidance there is often confusion about the diagnosis, treatment, investigation and follow-up of patients who have an anaphylactic reaction (RCUK).

This course will provide an overview of anaphylaxis; its causes, symptoms, recognition and treatment. It will also cover adult /child life support and use of an AED.


Course Overview

The course is run in accordance with the RCUK guidance and the anaphylaxis campaign. This practical course provides hands-on experience using simulated scenarios and role-play. This delivers the skills and confidence to manage anaphylaxis in real life.

Course Length:
At least 2 contact hours

Course Assessment:
Assessment is continuous

Learning Outcomes

Delegates who successfully complete the course will be given a certificate of attendance.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the chain of survival
  • Demonstrate the principles of initial assessment and a structured approach
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of resuscitation equipment
  • Provide effective BLS skills for adults & children
  • Demonstrate safe and effective use of the AED
  • Demonstrate the management of choking casualties

Course Structure & Programme

  • What is Anaphylaxis?
  • Minor allergic reactions
  • Signs and symptoms of Anaphylaxis
  • Causes of a reaction and who is affected
  • ABCDE Approach to assessment & treatment
  • Auto injector Use
  • Overview of IM Injection Technique
  • Oxygen and Anaphylaxis
  • Storage and disposal
  • I.M. injection practice- syringe and needle
  • I.M. injection practice- auto- injectors
  • Life Support for Adults & Children and AED use
  • Dealing with the Choking

All candidates will receive a training pack including a host of resources to help them assimilate the knowledge and skills.

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