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Training for Medical Emergencies in Dental Practices
(Incorporating Emergency First Aid at Work)

This 1-day course is ideal for clinical staff working in the dental surgery environment.

Statement from the GDC:

A patient could collapse on any premises at any time, whether they have received treatment or not. It is therefore essential that all registrants must be trained in dealing with medical emergencies, including resuscitation, and possess up to date evidence of capability. (General Dental Council ‘Scope of Practice’ 2013)

Course Overview

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere, and dental practices are no exception. As a dental professional, it is essential to be prepared and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage medical emergencies effectively. That is why we have developed a comprehensive training programme that meets the needs of dental professionals and complies with guidance from the CQC and the Resuscitation Council.

Our training programme covers a wide range of topics, including emergency first aid, management of medical emergencies, and compliance with HSE and CQC guidance. Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will be awarded an emergency first aid certificate that complies with the HSE and CQC guidance. They will also receive a certificate in the management of medical emergencies within the dental practice.

Our experienced healthcare professionals deliver the training program using a combination of didactic lectures, case-based discussions, and practical hands-on training. We use training manikins and equipment to simulate realistic emergency scenarios, ensuring that participants develop the necessary skills and confidence to manage medical emergencies effectively.

Learning Outcomes

Once competence has been assessed and this qualification awarded, the candidate will:

  • Demonstrate all the skills to properly assess/diagnose major conditions and injuries
  • Discuss and demonstrate appropriate management of bleeding, fractures burns and scalds
  • Following a structured A to E approach, demonstrate in a simulated environment the treatment of a casualty with various medical conditions/emergencies and give appropriate treatment within the parameters of their knowledge and training until more skilled personnel assume responsibility
  • Demonstrate team/scene management skills
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of appropriate drug use for medical emergencies
  • Demonstrate safe and effective use of emergency resuscitation equipment, including safe use of the AED
  • Demonstrate high quality CPR
  • Demonstrate use of pulse oximeter and glucometer
  • Demonstrate use of auto-injectors and IM injection technique
  • Display the ability to work within the team and discuss non-technical skills
  • Explain appropriate risk assessments and equipment checks following HSE and CQC guidance

Course Length:
At Least 6 contact hours

Course Assessment:
Assessment is continuous

Course Structure and Programme

The course is very practical in nature and candidates will work in small groups to assess and treat a simulated emergency in the surgery or waiting room.
Candidates are expected to manage the patient using a structured approach using the appropriate equipment and drugs.  All candidates will be provided with a first aid manual, medical emergency flow charts and action plans.

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