General Information

Many healthcare professionals benefit from additional resuscitation training which covers more than Basic Life Support. If you are responsible for assessing ill patients or involved in initiating the resuscitation of patients in your care this course may be suitable for you. This one day course can be delivered on-site for a group of your staff and can be tailored to your needs..
All ILS courses are taught by Resuscitation Council UK Instructors or Providers Examples of what could be covered in your ILS day:

If you require a Resuscitation Council accredited ILS or PiLS course then contact us for further information

Course Structure and Programme

The course is very practical in nature and candidates will work in small groups to assess and treat simulated emergency’s The instructor plays the patient role and is a very convincing patient!
Candidates are expected to manage the patient using a structured approach using your own equipment and drugs


This course is at least 6 contact hours
The course is run in accordance with the RCUK guidance and that of the GDC and CQC
This course of practical hands-on experience using simulated scenarios and role-play that delivers the skills and confidence to manage a situation in real life.

Learning Outcomes Include

  • Demonstrate BLS for  adults and children
  • Discuss the Chain of survival and the importance of quality resuscitation
  • Demonstrate the A – E structured assessment of an ill patient
  • Demonstrate safe and effective use of Automated External Defibrillation
  • Demonstrate a structured approach to ECG Recognition
  • Demonstrate Airway management using various adjuncts
  • Explain the use Cardiac arrest drugs – if required
  • Targeted training and equipment familiarisation
  • Demonstrate IM Injection technique and use of pulse oximeter and glucometer
  • Explain and demonstrate Human factors & Non technical skills


Assessment is continuous


On completion of the course candidates will receive a certificate with 6 hours verifiable CPD
On completion of the course you will receive a host of resources to help them assimilate the knowledge and skills. This includes medical emergencies flow charts to use as an aide memoir after the course and access to our clinical support telephone advice line and web site support pages.